Statue of Michael Collins to Replace the Spike

Michael Collins was one of the greatest heroes and sons of Ireland in history, a visionary and a warrior whose ideas, had they come to pass, would have remade Ireland in an image free from the shackles of history. He was one of the foremost freedom fighters who brought the British Empire, at the height of its power, to heel.

After the signing of the 1921 Anglo-Irish treaty which partitioned Ireland, he spearheaded a military campaign to destabilise and ultimately overthrow British rule in the North, providing weapons and ammunition as well as leadership. This campaign failed due to the unexpected massive escalation of brutal Unionist attacks on the Catholic people of the North, including atrocities such as throwing bombs among children playing in the street, as well as the adoption of some of the most draconian measures in the world by the British government.

His work was of great benefit to Ireland, and the celebration of his name would greatly displease those for whom the very idea of Ireland is troubling. In recognition of his ideals and achievements, regardless of subsequent events, he should be remembered in a place of prominence and his ambition for a United Ireland should be celebrated.

He deserves to be commemorated in a suitably central location in the capital city, so that all who walk beneath his shadow may be reminded of the sacrifices made for our freedom, and of the great seeds of potential in the hearts of the Irish people.

And most of all the promise of Irish unity that Michael Collins yearned for above anything else.

We the undersigned call upon the Irish government to knock down and remove the “Spike” on O’Connell Street in Dublin city centre and replace it with a suitable statue of the great Irish liberator, Michael Collins.

201 have already signed!

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Truly a Great Irish man

I'd rather see a hero of Eire's land then a pointy stick

100% agree he's our national hero. Get rid of the spire..

Michael Collins deserves a statue in Dublin

I personally think a statue of Michael Collin’s has more significance to Ireland than the spire and could also inspire more people to push for Ireland to be united Collin’s was Ireland’s greatest protector and we need to change the stigma of our fallen heroes been classed as terrorist.

Collin’s was a soldier and was respected even by the British there has never been an Irish man to show such calibre of military influence and professionalism back in those time’s the British had made Ireland victorian and displayed the subjects they wore loyal to show power and status.

We need to do the same as we remain the last true independent Gaelic and Celtic nation we must show the power of our culture and rise to the occasion it’s time to beat fire with fire.

Proper order for the greatest Irishman to ever live

It would be fitting to have his statue at the GPO... we need to honour our history


It's just right thing to do

Odwc, T A L

Such an important state figure who fought for our freedom and independence should have this place of residence overlooking our great city of Dublin

Absolutely! I would love to see Michael Collins up there to remind and inspire people to fight against tyranny and oppression, foreign AND domestic. We used to be known as the fighting Irish. Nowadays, people are soft and too comfortable with being walked all over!

Yes.. I would like to see the spike replaced with a suitable statue something we can be proud of and respect namely Michael Collins

Irish legends must live on! more so now then ever before, on a side note, grainne o'malley needs to be brought into the same light as Collins!

Get rid of the eye sore.

One of the greatest, when he brought them to there knees, they brought him to sit at there table to negotiate peace and sadly but not in vein he was ambushed and murdered by his own kin! The Brits lined the streets for his funeral procession in order to honour him. We ought to do the same!

It is where Michael Collins should be instead of that awful spike

It should have been there from the start

“He was an Irish patriot true and fearless.”

-Winston Churchill

Would absolute love to see this done. That eye sore of 5 million quid is just that,an eyesore.

Brilliant idea

100% This man hero should have pride of place in the capital of his beloved Ireland


The late great Michael Collins should have being done a long time ago


Michael Collins should be the center stage of o connell St

100 percent agree he's our national hero

About time


It would be wonderful to see a tribute to Michael Collins on O'connell Street

Get rid of that hypodermic needle!

That man's statue should have been the only choice instead of that ridiculous spike this country needs to acknowledge Michael Collins a lot more than it does

I think that we should show respect for our fallen leaders


This is a great idea, anything to replace the stupid spike

Our hero of Ireland should be remembered in this way maybe also at the base of the statue a list of all the names of those who fought for Irish independence could also be displayed?

I believe in order to peruse a better tourist based economy we must embrace our heritage.
A statue of Michael Collins would be a fantastic replacement as it would give opportunities for tour guides to teach visitors and even some of our own Irishmen about our heritage.

Great proposal-Collins was a heroic leader who was the most influential figure in ireland's quest for freedom..

The spire, has no significance to the Irish people where as a remembrance statue of Michael Collins would in context and art. The artistic view of Bertie Ahearn's spire from the GPO looks like the middle finger being given to the people of Ireland and all who visit our Capital city. It's nothing to be proud of , in fact, I think the spire is an insult to the people of Ireland. Yes,it's
a landmark, but for the wrong reasons sadly. Remembering Michael Collins legacy to the Irish people,in my opinion,is far superior then looking at Bertie Ahearn's legacy to the Irish people.


Collins set up the foundation for what would become the Irish Free state now known as Éire. Love him or hate him he is a key figure in Irish history and independence. Personally, I think that this would be a great move in celebrating our heritage and history.

That is a really great idea the spire was a ridiculous thing to put up Michael Collins deserves a staue on Oconnell Street please god this will happen

Bout time someone making sense

Get that Masonic needle out of our capital

I want to see it happen

Replace the spike

This shouldn’t need a petition and should of been done in the first place, the spike represents nothing, molly Malone is mentioned more on trip advisor for gods sake

just do it!!!!

Replace the spire with a statute of Michael Collins

Great idea

Not before time!!


It would definitely liven up the street with a well known Irish hero

Great stuff


Get rid of that eyesore

I think that is a Great idea but i'm afraid it won't happen as it might offend some people, i would love if it did happen living in hope God Bless the Irish

Brilliant idea. The spike is an eye sore

Put Collins up take dat spike down

My dads family were heavily involved in micheal collins.fighting alondside him in the war of independance.

Remove the spike and put Leo varadkar on top of it
Then plant it in the gallapogos islands

Knock down the spire

1916 rising was much more memorable and a great part of Irish history that needs to be remembered and especially the people who died for our country

It is a great idea to replace the spire which very few people have any interest in.


dam right!

Michael Collins deserves to be remembered and revered by the Irish nation.

Itd be great to see a statue of remembrance there. I went to see the spike when i was young but id much rather and wouldve held them memory of a statue of michael collins more dear. Id also much rather bring my daughter to see a memorial statue of a legend since passed as opposed to a massive spike

that spike needs to go it means nothing to us. Michael Collins gave his life for this country.

I agree, I also think Mise Eire should be our national anthem.


A great Irish man

Old Ireland forever

Ar dies an d"amin

No need to knock down the spike, there's plenty of room in O'Connell st.

As a history teacher I would love to see this!!!

Perfect Choice. The real hero of the Irish Nation.

Totally agree

Ireland belongs to the Irish !

God Bless Micheal Collins n God Bless the Irish ☘️ People !! ✌️☘️

What did a spike ever do for this country.
We shouldn't even have to say this

A fitting tribute to a great man.

There should be a statue of Michael Collins the greatest Irish Man ever.that big needle is an eyesore.

A great man, I would be delighted to see micheal Collins overlooking our city.

Our national history should never be forgotten let not forget that

Great Idea, Spire was disgraceful waste of money

Yes it is and it would be about time regonitation of this great leader what he done for this country of Ireland, its time for youth of Ireland to learn its history.

Brilliant idea and much better than that monument to Dublins junkies !

yes I would love to see it happen

Spike dies not fit in with the traditional buildings. Michael Collins statue would be more in place with the history.

I definitely agree and no better man to replace that dreadful spire

I couldn’t agree more with this statement our government should see this through allowing our citizens and people remember life’s that we’re lost in our fight for freedom and remember what Michael collins stood for his words and remind everyone he didn’t die in vain he died for our nation for our freedom and voice be heard

Turning in thier graves at what he and the other great founder's of the state who gave up their lifes for to see how a country could be sold to Europe for a few pieces off selfishness and treating our own citizens the way FG FF AND RYAN are being homeless and dieing on the very streets these brave men walked on, shame on you traitors, out off the ashes arose the phoenix and time for a new Ireland off 32,

As my dad was one of his men...Michael Collins was, and still is part of my family history

I wish you all the best with your quest to replace the dreadful insipid spike in our capital city. I have advocated for years that there needs to be a more fitting landmark to replace what was the Piller.

I believe Michael would be a fitting piece.
Call it Mick’s Piller and make it so people can as before clime to its summit and take in the view of our city.
Tom Jr

It is about time that there is a statue to this great Irish man in our capital city

I agree with the statue of Michael collins in place of the spire

The sooner the Better

Micheal collins deserves to be in place of a big stupid pin thing that does.nt mean anything

This would be amazing

Michael Collins has earned his place in history & deserves a statue in his honour so our children never forget his efforts

An Irish patriot

This is a great idea and I hope it happens. We need it to,some people would have you forget our history.

The spike is the most uninspiring piece of "art" in Irish history.

Yes most definitely, this needs to be done.

Without Collins we would not have what we have today. The spire is ridiculous Collins should be there not that scrap metal

Michael Collins is a True Irish Hero and should stand proud in O'Connell Street That awful Spire is a waste of money to maintain and an embarrassed.

About time

Of course they should they should have taken down Nelson and put Michael Collins on top

Spike means nothing Michael Collins done more for Ireland

Best of luck

We are slowly but surely losing our ‘Irishness’ we are no longer the unique nation that made us so different from any other. That ugly Spike needs to go and to be replaced with one of our greatest leaders, Michael Collins.

Michael Collins deserves a statue on o'Connell Street the spike is an eyesore and a joke even his enemies respected Michael Collins he stood for the future

Take down the ugly Spike!

Take it down

Take down the spike it's terrible...replace it with a true Irish freedom fighter the one and only MICHAEL COLLINS

Michael Collin bravo for Irish people freedom
Statue of Michael Collin

Yes I really appreciate and agree with this Michael is far more important than the stupid spike please remove the stupid spike and put our Hero up Michael Collins thank you

About time

The needle on O Connell St. is an eyesore. It has nothing to do with Irish history or culture. What does it say to visitors ? We need a proper central acknowledgment to a great Irish leader, like Michael Collins.

Please replace that awful eyesore with a statue of Michael Collins.

A statue of Michael Collins Should of been put on Oconnell Street in the first place

Get it done, he should have been put there before that horrible needle.

I believe that this is a brilliant idea. Michael Collins will help to bring Peace and Unity to Ireland

Tiocadh ar la agus Eire go bragh

About Time.

Long overdue

Richly deserved his place in history,only one Michael Collins and never be replaced.

Absolutely this should happen.

No brainer

Good luck with this ☘️

Let's get Michael Collins up on a proper pillar complete with viewing platform, higher than Nelson's. Now that would be a great tourist attraction.

Please do this


Eire for ever

Up the bog fellow!

Great Idea

Let's do this

Long long overdue and this city needs something fitting to commemorate Irelands greatest

Great idea

I agree with this. This should be done, the spike is a disaster.

He is Ireland's hero

I think Michael Collins statue would be a great

it is about time we honoured all our heroes

I firmly believe that now we as Irish sons and daughters of the dead generations gone by who paid for our freedom such as it was severe and yet a resilient victory for the pathway towards absolute freedom should never forget the bravery, courage and immeasurable sacrifice Michael Collins and men, women and sometimes young boys and girls gave on our behalf to enjoy our freedoms yesterday, today and in the future. It is with this statement of intent that I wholeheartedly believe the Michael Collins statue would be a great addition to the landscape of Dublin and a monument of epic historical notoriety of Ireland's greatest leader for democratic freedom.


You’d think this should be straight forward enough request.
But ur talking bout a bunch of anti Irish ☘️ scumbags running the country.
Common sense isn’t one of there strong points.

What does the spire represent? Nothing. A statue of the 'Big Fella' is a perfect representation of what he did in Dublin and indeed for Ireland

Yes. Erin Go Brágh

You shouldn't need to ask for this to be done it should have been the only thing put there

We the undersigned call upon the Irish government to knock down and remove the “Spike” on O’Connell Street in Dublin city centre and replace it with a suitable statue of the great Irish liberator, Michael Collins.

Michael should be front and centre
Remove the sewing needle
A lazy monument

Remove the eye sore and replace it with something meaningful

It would make more sense to have a Micheal Collins statue . Marking a hero and legend of the Irish people . Would also benefit tourism as an attraction and a history lesson to all. That soike ir spire is an eye sore

Replace that stupid spike

Immediate affect..

I Believe that it is the Right thing to do is to place across from The GPO a monument of Micheal Colins but also The Of Padraigh Pearse and All The 7 Main Leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising as a True Landmark of Our History and Irish Heros

Replace the spike with michael collins and do ones for the rest as well

I absolutely agree with this idea, the man was a legend to this country and his passion to give us a foothold to our own identity which he sacrificed with his life. Ireland as a nation owes this man and his legacy, a statue in the Irish capital on its Main Street is the least his memory deserves.

time for recognition - build the statue

Please put this statue up. Our history is important

Never liked the spire

Michael Collins is the man that won the war!!!!!

Tiocfaidh ár lá!

I said it along time ago. That the eyesore in o connell Street should be replaced with a statue of Michael Collins

Worthy, a true Irish patriot.

Michael colins deserves that space

Please get get rid of that stupid spike, and remember our fallen heroes.

A hero.

I love this idea but you know the scumbag government we have right now won't do it.

Ireland has never known a greater hero. Only right he should adorn our main street in the capital

Should have been a statue a long time to honour this wonderful hero. Michael and a lot more heroes gave their lives so as we could enjoy the freedom we take for granted in Ireland

Hail the Chief

Ireland's Greatest.

In memory of Michael Collins one of the great men who led Ireland to freedom and died for his country in the process,a fitting tribute.

About time too...that spike is an eyesore & our national hero deserves a damned good monument to acknowledge him & his legacy.

Michael Collins is, in my opinion, Ireland's greatest and should be commemorated on O'Connell Street.
The Anglo-Irish Treaty did not partition Ireland. Partition was already in force. Ireland was partitioned by the Government of Ireland Act 1920. The Treaty had nothing to do with partition.

Michael Collins is my hero. Although my father was anti-treaty he greatly admired this man

Well deserved too.

Should have happened years ago

Statue of Michael Collins

A legend in his own right

The Irish Republican Brotherhood under the President Tom Ryan support this project.

In recognition of the greatest hero of our nation

Hero for Ireland we would have had a proper republic a republic for all Churchill saw this and under his order had him assassinated

Fitting tribute to Micheal Collins

Great idea. Time to get rid of that eyesore

Should have happened long ago!

A statue of Michael Collins should be erected - he was the great Irish liberator and deserves this long overdue recognition. I

This deserves support

In a society of direct democracy, building of shite like that spike would be put to the people

Michael Collins deserves to be there.

It would be wonderful to see the greatest of Irish men on O Connell Street again , and this time not on the run .

Michael Collins is probably the greatest Hero of Ireland. He should be honoured and celebrated.

Build it


The spire is an eyesore that represents nothing about Irish culture or history.

Delighted to support this. It's time to honor Michael Collins properly

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That week of famed renown,
When the boys in green went out to fight
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And high above the G.P.O.
The rebel flag was seen.

Then came ten thousand khaki coats
Our rebel boys to kill,
Before they reached O’Connell Street,
Of fight they got their fill.
They’d Maxim guns and cavalry
And cannon in galore;
But it’s not our fault that e’er a one
Got back to England’s shore.


Irish-German Treaty of 1914

The following text is an extract from John Devoy’s autobiography Recollections of an Irish Rebel.

Casement’s mission to Germany had three main objects:

First, to secure German military help for Ireland when the opportunity offered.

Second, to educate German public opinion on the Irish situation, so that the people would stand behind the Government when it took action in favour of Ireland.

Third, to organise, if possible, Irish prisoners of war into a military unit to take part in the fight for Irish freedom.

Casement did his best

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Thousands of years,
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Dew-dropping hours
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William Butler Yeats


The Dying Rebel

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The moon shone down O’Connell Street,
I stood alone, where brave men perished
Those men have gone, their God to meet.

My only son was shot in Dublin,
Fighting for his country bold,
He fought for Ireland and Ireland only,
The Harp and Shamrock, Green, White and Gold.

The first I met was a grey haired father
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I said “Old man, there’s no use searching
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The old man cried o

From Clontarf to Berlin: National Status in Sport

In the following article Sir Roger Casement, late Consul-General, Rio de Janeiro, who was amongst the first to see the necessity of a National Volunteer movement, refers to the Battle of Clontarf, and pleads for a Volunteer Review on the approaching Centenary. He also points out the necessity of having a National status for Ireland at the Olympic Games.

There are two things the Irish Volunteers might do, one almost at once, the other within the next two years, that should have an uplifting and enlarging influence on our National life.

The first is to organise a Volunteer

Trees of Liberty

[A friend with a surly, satirical face flings in our way this banter upon “Irish indolence.” Very well friend; we shame the devil and print your libel. Fas et ab hoste doceri. If there be any seeds of truth in it they will grow, when the chaff and wrappage only make manure for them.]

(From Mr. Bramble’s unpublished Arboretum Hibernicum.)

Many Irishmen talk of dying, &c., for Ireland, and I really believe almost every Irishman now alive longs in his way for an opportunity to do the dear old country some good. Opportunities of at once usefully and con

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